Attention: SLM and NeSmith $$$

Our goal for the 2011 race season

It is our goal to give anyone with a NeSmith and SLM late model a safe
exciting place to compete on a level playing field. Our rules will be
strictly enforced. We will be paying $$700.00 to win (guaranteed purse) on
our weekly shows and will be having numerous big shows for the Nesmith and
super late models. For the teams that have a super late model we have a plan
for you also. We will be having a SLM show once a month. If a race team
supports our weekly show by being there 75% of the time, when we have a big
show that team can bring two cars and race in the NeSmith and the SLM race.
If a SLM team comes to a big show with two cars and has not been supporting
our weekly show they can only run one car that night.

A typical month

First Saturday NeSmith                 $700.00

Second Saturday NeSmith          $2,500.00

Third Saturday NeSmith                $700.00

Fourth Saturday NeSmith            $1100.00     SLM $$$5,000.00

Total a team with 2 cars could win in one month = $$$10,000.00 up to

SLM races  2-$3,000.00 2-$5,000.00 1- $10,000.00 more TBA

NeSmith will be having a minimum of 6 big races.

NeSmith will also be racing for the track points fund and the national
points fund.

NeSmith will have double features on the weekly $700.00 to win shows this
will improve the chances for teams in the national points fund.

This format is designed to help make racing more affordable in the current
economy. This gives race teams a weekly affordable show and also gives the
teams with a large investment in SLM equipment a reasonable way to recover
their investment. We have been working on this for three or four months and
have a lot of confidence in this format.

Info on our other Classes coming soon.