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Pure Mini

2011 Pure Mini Rules


Front and Rear Wheel Drives

Clutch: stock type size and weight for car

Tire: stock

Fuel Cell:

Roll Cage: Four Point minimum with 3 driver door bars minimum

Seat: Aluminum racing seat and safety harnesses are required.

Body: Doors must be welded shut, remove all trim, upholstery and glass.

Front Wheel Drive

Engine: Four cylinder stock for make and model. (No turbos or superchargers)

Roller cam, dual cam, 16 valves must weigh 2400 lbs minimum.

Body/Drive Line &Suspension: Must remain stock, in stock location for make and model.

Standard Transmission: Must have a 2” inspection hole in bell housing.

Wheel: May be aftermarket but must be stock size for make and model.

Rear Wheel Drive

Engine: 2400cc maximum Four cylinder stock rods/ crank (stock type pistons)

Head: Steel only.

Cam: Flat tappet – hydraulic only

Carb: 2 barrel 500 max.

Body: Stock appearing with enclosed interior (steel only.)

Suspension: Stock and must remain in stock location.

Frame: (May tie together) Must remain stock front and rear.

Standard transmission must have 2” inspection hole in bell housing.

Wheel: Steel 7” maximum

Stock means stock! No radios and to keep this class affordable the car may be impounded for as long as necessary to verify legality.

Protest Fees:

Visual: $50

Clutch: $100

Engine: $300

Track retains all of the visual and the clutch fees and $150 of the engine protest fee


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