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Mini Stock

2011 Mini Stock Rules

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Mini Stock Body & Suspension

1A. Body must remain with O. E. M. firewall and floor pan and front inner fenders.

1B. Body panels may be replaced with steel or aluminum must remain stock looking in appearance.

2. Stock or aftermarket stock appearing front and rear covers only.

3. No convertibles or T-bodies allowed.

4. All glass, plastic, emblems, etc. must be removed.

5. All cars must have four (4) steel bars vertically welded across the windshield space directly in

front of driver.

6. No bump bars or tube frames allowed.

7. Interior passenger side enclosures OK, but must have inspection hole with cover.

8. All steering components must remain stock. May run steering quickeners.

9. Weight jacking screws or adjustable cups add 50 lbs.

10. Racing shocks allowed. Adjustable non-racing shock/strut allowed on any car.

11. Shocks must be mounted in original position.

12. No coil-over’s allowed anywhere on the vehicle.

13. No traction aiding devices. 90/10 shock lift bar etc.

14. Any disc brake allowed, except carbon fiber.

15. Stock O. E. M. rear end only. Any gear ratio allowed. (No rear disc brakes, no spools allowed)

16. No altering of frames but may tie frame together.

17: Any aftermarket stock-appearing spring OK. Non-adjustable spring spacer allowed.

18. Caster/camber plates are allowed.


19. All cars must have legible numbers on the right side and top of car of contrasting color to the

body of the car. No duct tape numbers or spray painted numbers.

20. 6” high rear spoiler with 6” sideboards Are allowed.

Mini Stock Transmission

1. O. E. M. type only.

2. Manual transmissions only.

3. All transmissions must have operational forward and reverse.

4. Stock steel flywheels and clutches only, may run 10,000 R.P.M. flywheel with stock clutch only.

5. Bell housing must have a minimum of 2″ hole in the bottom, approximately 1-1/2″ to 2″ from the


6. No ram couplers or direct drive. Multidisc clutches or aluminum flywheel add 70 lb.

Mini Stock Engines

1. Four cylinder, in-line engines only.

2. May run import car (real wheel drive) with aluminum head or block but engine must come with

that car.

3. Exhaust must be covered or wrapped when inside of car.

4. No rotary, turbos, or overhead engines permitted (no vacuum pumps).

5. No aluminum heads allowed unless factory equipped.

6. Roller heads allowed. Add 100 lb

7. Car’s c.c. must be posted on hood of car.

8. Must have correct c.c. posted. Any weight added other than cc must notify tech man.

9. Formula for c.c will be: bore times bore times stroke times .7854 times # of cylinders times


10. Electric water pumps add 50 lb.

11. No crank trigger ignition.

12. One two barrel carb.

13. No dry sump

Mini Stock Fuel

1. Gasoline only.

2. Fuel cells required. Fuel cells must be securely mounted with two (2) 2″ by 1/8″ steel straps. It is strongly recommended that a fuel cell with a top pick-up be used for the 2005 season. The top pickup fuel cell will be mandatory for the 2006 season.

Mini Stock Weight

One lb. per c.c., minimum weight is 2,000 lbs. (Tech man will allow 5 c.c. for wear only).

Mini Stock Wheels

1. 13″ x 8″ maximum.

2. Steel only.

3. Bead locks allowed on right side only.

Mini Stock Tires

1. Hoosier

2. 23.0/8.0-13-RC4

3. 22.5/8.0-13-RC4

Mini Stock Protest Rules

1. Visual protest $50.

2. Any driver in the top 5 may protest the winner.


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