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Mini Late Model (Kids into Racing)    

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Rules, Regulations and Information

1.       The Mini Late Models must remain 100% stock—no exceptions!!!

2.       Any modification to enhance the performance of the mini late model is not allowed!!!

3.       Any modification to improve the safety of the Mini Late Model is permitted.

4.       You can run any air pressure in the tires up to the max PSI.  Listed on the tire.

5.       The mini late model must have a number and kids name on both sides so we can score the car,

6.       We recommend the child uses a “RACEceiver” because they are used in all other classes and this will help the child when they start moving up to other classes. It will also improve the safety because it will allow us to talk to the child. (RACEceivers are not mandatory)

7.       You may purchase window nets, roll bars, windshield bars, or roll bar padding etc. Warrior Racecars can assist with these items. We also recommend arm restraints.

8.       You may use any replacement non-racing tires with any tread pattern. In the event a tire needs to be replaced, the tires must remain the stock size. (Tire softener is not recommended; it is expensive, will shorten the life of the tires, and will not speed up the cars).

9.       We recommend using 87 or 89 octane gas. Racing fuel or additives will not speed up the car and may shorten the life of the engine. It is also expensive and more dangerous in the event of a fire.

10.   In accordance with the new lead laws, the manufacturer we purchase from states that everyone should be informed that the car does contain lead ( mainly in the battery) and any child under the age of 12 is not recommended to operate the car.

11.   Mountain Raceway will do what is necessary to keep the competition as even as possible.

12.   Kids will be paired up more by size and skill level, and not always by the age of the child.

13.   The parent and child MUST attend the safety training class and receive their competition card before they can compete in a racing event.

14.   Each family that is racing the mini late model only will receive a discounted pit pass ($10 on weekly events. Special events may vary)

15.   We ask that each family pays an annual $25 membership fee.  If the family has more than one child racing the $25 will cover both kids.

16.   This will help offset our insurance cost and will also make sure if you go to any other track that runs the Mini Late Models your competition card will work there.

17.   Mountain raceway reserves the right to do an engine swap with a new engine on any car we think may have a illegal engine.

18.   We will also confiscate any illegal parts we find.

19.   A penalty will be imposed on any team caught with illegal parts or not following rules (deduct of points or barded from future events this will be determined by the race director and tech man)

Parent and Child Conduct

1.       It is very important to teach the children good sportsmanship. We expect all the parents, guardians, and crews to set a good example.

2.       Any profanity obscene gestures such as yelling, screaming, etc. will not be tolerated.

3.       Any decisions by track officials will be final. Sometimes we will make bad calls, but we expect everyone to accept them and move on.

4.       Occasionally children will receive free passes. These passes are not redeemable for the parents and children; they are intended to be handed out to the child’s friends and non-immediate family members.

5.       No parent or crew member is allowed on the track at anytime.

6.       This class is to get kids involved in racing we want to keep it inexpensive for the parents and FUN for the KIDS!

Contact Information:

Matlock Decal (graphics for car)       865-659-8258

Goddard Parts (warrior racecars)     865-573-2411

Need parts for car Kevin Coffey         865-389-8902    E-mail

fax # 865-379-2882

Mountain Raceway                                 865-856-8989   web site


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