Looks like Duck River Speedway picked up Fridays SRRS

Just got a Tweet from SRRS Confirming Thursday & Friday will be $3,000 to win SRRS at Duck River Speedway.. Looks like they picked up Boyds original Friday night!


Thursday, June 28th- Duck River Speedway
Friday, June 29th- Duck River Speedway
Saturday, June 30th- Smoky Mountain Speedway
July 2nd- Monday, 411 Motor Speedway
July 3rd- Tuesday, Wartburg Speedway

Topless Modified


June 30th- Can I get at least 8 of you all confirmed? confused

At 411 Motor Speedway
June 2- 9 Topless
June 9- 9 Topless
June 16- 8 Topless
June 19- 7 Topless

Trevor Bayne Hits SMS for some practice laps Wednesday afternoon


Carlos Osorio/Associated Press
Knoxville driver Trevor Bayne, left, and Tony Stewart talk in the pit area before qualifying for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Quicken Loans 400 at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich., last Saturday.


Carlos Osorio/Associated Press Knoxville driver Trevor Bayne, left, and Tony Stewart talk in the pit area before qualifying for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Quicken Loans 400 at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich., last Saturday.

MARYVILLE — Trevor Bayne roared around Smoky Mountain Raceway late Wednesday afternoon with a flume of red dust trailing his car.

Bayne had a blast in his first time driving a late-model dirt car — even though it was just a few practice laps.

The 2011 Daytona 500 winner from Knoxville may have found the perfect hobby while he’s not driving NASCAR’s top two circuits.

There’s nothing like driving a fast car on dirt.

“That thing is awesome, man,” Bayne said after climbing out of the car. “I didn’t expect to get it going that quick. I’m just glad the right side’s still on it. I had a lot of fun. It’s definitely something I want to do a lot more of and I think it will help me even with the pavement stuff just because of the car control that you’ve got to have here.”

Bayne was driving a car that is co-owned by Maryville’s Larry Garner while getting tips from the car’s driver, Tommy Kerr, a veteran of dirt track racing.

“I was happy to give him a chance,” Garner said. “I was impressed that he took enough time to not go out there and try to hot-dog it, but when he got comfortable with it, he was impressive. He was real impressive.”

Bayne improved his time throughout each of his first two 10-lap runs around the dirt track, which is four-tenths of a mile.

One of his first laps was turned in 18.5 seconds – an average speed of 77.84 miles per hour.

Later, Bayne made a lap in 17.8 seconds — an average of 80.9 mph.

Bayne hit speeds of almost 120 mph before making the turns.

“These things are just so fun because you can manipulate ’em as a driver,” Bayne said. “You can change it with a throttle and the brake and the steer

ing wheel, whereas our cars (in Sprint Cup and Nationwide), when they’re tight, they’re tight, when they’re loose, they’re loose.

“These (dirt cars) you can still move around. I’m sure in a race somebody’s car might be better than yours and you might get frustrated, but out here just running by yourself, there’s a lot you can do behind the wheel and you can really have a lot of fun with it.”

It’s certainly a lot more fun than being a spectator while he’s idle without sponsorship.

Bayne is scheduled to run 10 more Cup races this season in the Wood Brothers Racing’s No. 21 Ford and probably only one more Nationwide race (at Bristol Motor Speedway) with Roush Fenway Racing.

Bayne doesn’t expect much more to develop sponsorship-wise this season. He finished 43rd in Sunday’s Sprint race in Brooklyn, Mich., after having engine troubles. It was his fifth Sprint race of the season.

“I don’t think there’s much going on for the rest of this year,” he said. “It’s going to take some time to get deals going and get it put together, so in the meantime, I’ll just be hanging out doing some of this stuff.”

By that he mean dirt-track racing.

Bayne, who now lives in Charlotte, N.C., didn’t give details or specifics about his dirt-track plans.

“I’m just wanting to have some fun out here, so I’m going to do this and maybe run some (dirt-track) races this year, but I don’t have a schedule or anything like that put together yet,” Bayne said.

While Bayne is new to running dirt cars, he’s not new to the dirt tracks. He raced go-carts on dirt when he was about 11 years old before going to pavement.

“I understand the concept of dirt racing, and car control is car control, and you’ve got to figure it out,” Bayne said. “I did expect to do a little bit worse, to be honest.”

Dave Link is a freelance contributor.

Five Town Showdown June 30th- who wants to race?

Five Town Showdown June 30th at Smoky Mountain Speedway

June 28th-  Duck River Speedway
June 29th- Boyd’s Speedway
June 30th- Smoky Mountain Speedway – Presented by Stanley Best Heating & Air
July 1st- 411 Motor Speedway
July 3rd- Wartburg Speedway

SRRS Five Town Showdown Points Fund: ( Must run ALL 5 )
1st- $2,000
2nd- $1,250
3rd- $800
4th- $650
5th- $500

Saturday, June 30th 
SRRS Super Late Models $3,000 to win
NeSmith Crate Late Models

Lets open this topic- Who else wants to be on the schedule? Fans, who do you want to see race?
Schedule will be released by Friday- Need opinions soon if you want to race!

BIG DADDY 500 – Complete Results

Smoky Mountain Speedway
Maryville, TN

Saturday, June 16th

SAS Super Late Models

1.  Vic Hill # 1
2.  Ray Cook # 53
3.  David Crabtree # C5
4.  Tommy Kerr # 4T
5.  Mark Vineyard # 4
6.  Randy Weaver # 116
7.  Billy Ogle, Jr. # 201
8. Jeff Wolfenbarger # 28
9.  Mike Weeks # 22
10.  Dusty Carver # 9
11.  Donald Bradsher # 93
12.  Rick Rogers # 88
13.  Chad Ogle # 10
14.  Shan Smith # 99
15.  Jeff Franklin # J12
16.  Kayne Hickman # H3
17.  Skip Arp # 97
18.  Bobby Giffin # 31
19.  Ross White # 0
20.  Mark Douglas # 52d
21.  Mike Hill # 11
22.  Pierce McCarter # 71
23.  Terry Wolfenbarger # 14
24.  Robby Moses # 7

Failed To Qualify:  Roger Best (007), Ellery Leake (34), Jason McCall (49), Kelvin White (00)

NeSmith Crate Late Models
FEATURE RESULTS pending protest

1.  David Crabtree # c5 (pending protest)
2.  Ryan King # 30
3.  Greg Martin # 24
4.  Adam Beeler # 66
5.  Mack McCarter # 51
6.  Anthony White # 2x
7.  Trevor Sise # 73
8.  Cory Hedgecock # 23
9.  Terry Poore # 7
10.  Hunter Best # 007
11.  Marty Calloway # 79c
12.  John Cobb # 40
13.  Jake Teague # 117
14.  Brad Seagle # 31
15.  Andy Ogle # 68
16.  Tony Lindsey # 19
17.  Dereck Blair # 114
18.  Stone Fuller # 169
19.  James Kelso # 49
20.  Jarrison Martin # 7j


1.  Travis Reno # 77
2.  Warren McMahan # 33
3.  Bradley Llewelling # 10b
4.  Raymond Shepard # 11
5.  Dale Watson # 11
6.  Todd Merriman # 5
7.  Bill Webb # B4
8.  Jeff McLemore # J3
9.  David Price # 1
10.  Jeremy Hershner # 10
11.  Dale Jackson # 99
12.  Lloyd Hall # 00
13.  Issac Boring # B7

Did Not Start:  Michael Millsap ( 9 )

We would just like to say thanks to all the fans, drivers, crews, & track workers that made the BIG DADDY 500 a tremendous success!  The crowd was unbelieveable and we can’t thank you enough for your support.  We look forward to the rest of the 2012 season.  Be sure to join us on Saturday, June 30th for our next event… $3,000 to win Super Late Models featuring the SRRS series!!

June 16 – Update # 3

NeSmith Crate Late Models

David Crabtree (c5)         Ryan King (30)
Greg Martin (24)             Adam Beeler (66)
Mack McCarter (51) Cory Hedgecock (23)
John Cobb (40)               Trevor Sise (73)
Anthony White (2x)         Jake Teague (117)
Brad Seagle (31)             Hunter Best (007)
Stone Fuller (169)           Marty Calloway (79c)
Andy Ogle (68)               Terry Poole (7)
Dereck Blair (114)           Tony Lindsey (19)
James Kelso (49)            Jarrison Martin (7j)

Street Stock

Warren McMahan (33)      Travis Reno (77)
Bradley Lewelling (10b)    Raymond Shepard (11)
Jeremy Hershner (10)       Dale Watson (11)
Michael Millsap (9)            David Price (1)
Jeff McLemore (J3)           Dale Jackson (99)
Issac Boring (B7)             Bill Webb (B4)
Lloyd Hall (00)                 Todd Merriman (5)

SAS Super Late Models

Vic Hill (1)                      Chad Ogle (10)
Mark Douglas (52d)         Billy Ogle, Jr. (201)
Ray Cook (53)                Jeff Wolfenbarger (28)
David Crabtree (c5)        Tommy Kerr (4t)
Randy Weaver (116)       Donald Bradsher (93)
Mike Hill (11)                  Mark Vineyard (4)
Pierce McCarter (71)        Skip Arp (31)
Terry Wolfenbarger (14)   Rick Rogers (88)
Bobby Giffin (97)             Ross White (0)
Dusty Carver (9)             Shan Smith (99w)
Robby Moses (7)             Jeff Franklin (J12)
Mike Weeks (22)             Kayne Hickman (H3)

Failed To Qualify:  Roger Best (007), Ellery Leake (34), Jason McCall (49), Kelvin White (00)

We are taking a short intermission…  Feature Racing up next!!!

June 16 – Update # 2

Southern All Stars Super Late Model Qualifying

TOP 10 Locked In

1.  Vic Hill (1)                        16.151
2.  Chad Ogle (10)
3.  Mark Douglas (52d)
4.  Billy Ogle, Jr. (201)
5.  Ray Cook (53)
6.  Jeff Wolfenbarger (28)
7.  David Crabtree (C5)
8.  Tommy Kerr (4t)
9.  Randy Weaver (116)
10.  Donald Bradsher (93)

*** TOP 6 TRANSFER ***

Pierce McCarter (71) Mike Hill (11)
Terry Wolfenbarger (14) Bobby Giffin (97)
Robby Moses (7)                   Dusty Carver (9)
Kayne Hickman (H3)             Jason McCall (49)
Kelvin White (00)

*** TOP 6 TRANSFER ***

Skip Arp (31)                       Mark Vineyard (4)
Rick Rogers (88)                  Ross White (0)
Shan Smith (99w)               Jeff Franklin (J12)
Roger Best (007)                Ellery Leake (34)
Mike Weeks (22)

NeSmith Crate Late Model Heat Races on track now!

June 16 – Update # 1

The drivers meeting has concluded and hot laps are on the track!!

28 Southern All Stars Super Late Models

Ray Cook (53)
Roger Best (007)
Ellery Leake (34)
Jeff Franklin (J12)
Jeff Wolfenbarger (28)
Robby Moses (7)
Mark Douglas (52d)
Mike Hill (11)
Donald Bradsher (93)
Chad Ogle (10)
Jason McCall (49)
Tommy Kerr (4t)
Shan Smith (99)
Pierce McCarter (71)
Billy Ogle, Jr. (201)
Randy Weaver (116)
Dusty Carver (9)
David Crabtree (C5)
Bobby Giffin (97)
Mark Vineyard (4)
Kelvin White (00)
Kayne Hickman (H3)
Ross White (0)
Terry Wolfenbarger (14)
Rick Rogers (88)
Mike Weeks (22)
Vic Hill (1)
Skip Arp (31)

20 NeSmith Crate Late Models

Tony Lindsey (19)
Cory Hedgecock (23)
Mack McCarter (51)
Stone Fuller (169)
Terry Poore (7)
Marty Calloway (79c)
John Cobb (40)
David Crabtree (c5)
James Kelso (49)
Jarrison Martin (7j)
Ryan King (30)
Greg Martin (24)
Adam Beeler (66)
Trevor Sise (73)
Hunter Best (007)
Anthony White (2x)
Brad Seagle (31)
Jake Teague (117)
Andy Ogle (68)
Dereck Blair (114)

14 Street Stocks

Warren McMahan (33)
David Price (1)
Michael Millsap (9)
Todd Merriman (5)
Lloyd Hall (00)
Dale Watson (11)
Jeff McLemore (J3)
Raymond Shepard (11)
Bradley Lewelling (10b)
Bill Webb (B4)
Issac Boring (B7)
Travis Reno (77)
Jeremy Hershner (10)
Dale Jackson (99)

Qualifying is coming up next!

Big Daddy 500 LIVE UPDATES

Smoky Mountain Speedway
Maryville, Tennessee

Saturday, June 16

BIG DADDY 500 presented by Tennessee RV Sales & Service

Grandstand Admission – $15
Tier Parking – $20
Pit Passes – $35


Pit Gates Open – 3pm
Grandstands & Tier Parking Open – 5pm

Driver’s Meeting – 7pm


NeSmith Crate Late Models
Street Stock
Southern All Stars Super Late Models


NeSmith Crate Late Models – 2 laps  (TOP 4 LOCKED IN)
Street Stock Heats – 6 laps
Southern All Stars Super Late Models – 2 laps (TOP 10 LOCKED IN)

NeSmith Crate Late Model Heats – 8 laps
Southern All Stars Last Chance Races – 10 laps

***  2011 Southern All Stars Championship Presentation, Billy Ogle Jr. # 201 ***
***  Kid’s Candy Toss presented by Mighty Muffler ***


NeSmith Crate Late Model Feature – 25 laps
Street Stock Feature – 15 laps
Southern All Stars Super Late Model Feature – 50 laps