Smoky Mountain Speedway
Maryville, TN

Friday, July 11th 

Ultimate Firecracker 500
presented by Tennessee RV Sales & Service Supercenter


1.  Randy Weaver # 116
2.  Casey Roberts # 101
3.  Vic Hill # 1
4.  Billy Ogle, Jr. # 201
5.  Dennis “Rambo” Franklin # 2
6.  Tommy Kerr # 4t
7.  Bobby Giffin # 97
8.  Anthony Burroughs # 1
9.  Mark Vineyard # 4
10.  Jeff Smith # 00
11.  Jonathan Edwards # 32
12.  Brian Ledbetter # 07
13.  Kenny Compton, Jr. # 10
14.  Skip Arp # 31
15.  Jason Welshan # 1g
16.  Dusty Carver # 9
17.  Doug Sanders # 42
18.  Chad Ogle # 10
19.  Chris Ferguson # 22
20.  Cory Hedgecock # 23
21.  Aaron Ridley # 81
22.  David Payne # 8
23.  Danny Yoder # 2
24.  Mark Douglas # 52d

Did Not Qualify:  Hunter Best (00), Robby Moses (7), Stacy Boles (11b), Benji Shaw (18), Jaylon Shannon (22), Ellery Leake (34), Brad Hall (47), Kevin Wilson (618)


1.  Jason Welshan # 29
2.  Brandon Williams # 95
3.  Adam Beeler # 66
4.  Greg Martin # 24
5.  Justin Summers # 99
6.  Tanner Works # T35
7.  Warren McMahan # 33
8.  Robert Edwards # 3r
9.  Greg Huskey # 32
10.  Brian Courtney # 71
11.  Chad Beeler # 10
12.  Todd Brooks # T1
13.  Brett Wyatt # 17
14.  Deke Waters # 66
15.  Hunter Best # 007
16.  Anthony White # 2x
17.  Brad Seagle # 31

Did Not Start:  Jed Emert (98), Matt Henderson (417)


1.  Jordan Horton # 56h
2.  Terry Poore # 2
3.  Chase King # 44
4.  Zach Shannon # Z1
5.  Tony Shannon # 78
6.  Ryan Carey # 555
7.  James Kelso # 49
8.  Joe Crabtree # 114
9.  Joe Freels # 5x
10.  Tony Lindsey # 42
11.  Leigh Ann Bivens # 1
12.  Josh Beal # 12
13.  Chris Whitted # 14w
14.  Justin Beeler # 25
15.  Brianna Kyle # 124


1.  Nick Perry # 19
2.  Kyle Courtney # 171
3.  Jacob Sharp # 1
4.  William Tallent # 18
5.  Frankie Huskey # 32
6.  Nathan Adams # 93
7.  Bobby Reichert # 22
8.  Allen Collins # 1a
9.  Debbie Singleton # 5
10.  Bryant Idles # BA2
11.  Nicholas Shelton # 21
12.  Michael Herron # 01
13.  Gavin Murphy # 18
14.  Marty Phillips # 5m
15.  Ray Simpson # 134

Did Not Start:  Anthony Raper (8), Chris Johnston (9)

Randy Weaver Goes the Distance in Ultimate Series Action at Smoky Mountain



Randy Weaver Goes the Distance in Ultimate Series Action at Smoky Mountain


By Chris Tilley

Smoky Mountain Speedway


MARVILLE, TN (July 11, 2014)—Smoky Mountain Speedway would host the Ultimate Super Late Model Series for the annual Firecracker 5000 presented by Tennessee R.V. Sales & Service Super Center and Randy Weaver of Crossville, Tenn. would claim the $5,000 payday tonight for his first-career Ultimate Series victory. Other event winners would be Jason Welshan of Maryville, Tenn. in the Crate Late Models, Jordan Horton of Sneedville, Tenn. in the Sportsman division feature and Nick Perry of Lenoir City, Tenn. in the Mini Stock A-Main.


Weaver rolled to victory while driving the Outlaw Race Parts, The Bailey Company, Precision One Trailer Parts and V.P. Racing Fuels sponsored Cornett Racing Engines powered Longhorn Chassis in his third outing in the new chassis.


“I can’t thank my sponsors enough, with this new Longhorn Chassis, Matt’s here tonight helping all three of us up there. A lot of good fans around here that support me and I love this race track, they’ve worked their tails off and got it pretty racy, it’s just good for the year I’ve had, it’s really good to be here and let alone win the race, that race car is really good,” exclaimed an excited Weaver in a rare press box victory lane interview.


Weaver attributes his success on the track tonight in thanks mostly to Longhorn Chassis. “We’ve set fast time either overall or in our group all three times and we ran second once and got in a little wreck once, those guys they have a good program going, I appreciate their help definitely want to thank Linda Cheek and all of that family that have supported me for years and I can’t thank them enough,” Weaver went on to say.


Randy Weaver and Jason Welshan brought the field of 24 to life for the start of the 50-lapper and Welshan would grab the point on the outside until the first caution would fly in turn two before a lap was complete. The trio of Anthony Burroughs, Danny Yoder and Jonathan Edwards would spin in turn two on the first yellow flag.


On the next try at a start, Weaver would get a good jump entering turn one and grab the lead on the opening lap with Welshan, Vic Hill, Dennis Franklin and Chris Ferguson in hot pursuit at the line. The next yellow would wave on lap five as Danny Yoder would slam the turn two wall.


On the restart, Casey Roberts would be the quick mover as he came from the sixth spot and would grab two spots down the back chute and hold the fourth spot on the next circuit.


The yellow flag would again wave on the eighth lap as Cory Hedgecock, who was making his first Super Late Model start, spun to the inside of turn two.


By this point, Weaver had stretched his lead to about ten car lengths in distance but on the restart, carnage would ensue as contact between Hill and Roberts coming off of turn two brought out the first red flag as seven cars piled up behind them on the back chute.


By the 12th circuit, as Weaver stretched out his lead, 11th starting Skip Arp would make his presence on the outside line known as he would begin to challenge for the fifth spot and duke it out with Franklin until a lap 17 yellow flag put Arp and Franklin side-by-side for the double-file restart as Arp would grab the spot on the last completed lap. Doug Sanders would bring out the yellow flag by slowing in turn two.


By the halfway point, Weaver would continue to show the way on the high-side with Welshan second, Hill third, Roberts fourth and Arp fifth. On the 31st lap, Welshan brought the Warrior House Car to the infield after dropping a solid line of oil on the bottom line. The yellow would wave directly after that as Jeff Smith brought his mount to a stop in turn four on lap 31 after he started 23rd and had worked his way to the ninth position.


On lap 33, fourth place driver Arp slowed going into turn one as Jeff Smith would also have a right-rear flat tire sending him to the work area.


On the restart Roberts rolled his Longhorn Chassis to the second spot around Vic Hill and then the next lap the yellow would fly as Kennie Compton Jr. and Bobby Giffin collected each-other on the back-chute.


Weaver would lead flag-to-flag for the $5,000 victory over Roberts, Hill, Billy Ogle Jr. and Franklin.


Official Summary of Results

Ultimate Super Late Model Series

Smoky Mountain Speedway-Maryville, TN

Friday Night July 11, 2014


Ultimate Super Late Model Feature Finish presented by Tennessee R.V.

1. Randy Weaver

2. Casey Roberts

3. Vic Hill

4. Billy Ogle Jr.

5. Dennis Franklin

6. Tommy Kerr

7. Bobby Giffin

8. Anthony Burroughs

9. Mark Vineyard

10. Jeff Smith

11. Jonathan Edwards

12. Brian Ledbetter

13. Kennie Compton Jr.

14. Skip Arp

15. Jason Welshan

16. Dusty Carver

17. Doug Sanders

18. Chad Ogle

19. Chris Ferguson

20. Cory Hedgecock

21. Aaron Ridley

22. David Payne

23. Danny Yoder

24. Mark Douglas


Time of Race: One hour, 11 minutes, 34 seconds.

Margin of Victory: 00.063 seconds

Yellow Flags: Eight (Laps 0, 5, 8, 8RS, 17, 31, 33, 36)

Red Flags: One (lap 8)

Lap Leaders: Weaver (1-50)

Provisional Starters: Jeff Smith and Brian Ledbetter

Entries: 32

Fastest Qualifier: Randy Weaver-15.881 seconds


Hoosier Racing Tire B-Main No. 1 Finish (6 laps, top 6 transfer): Skip Arp, David Payne, Anthony Burroughs, Danny Yoder, Jonathan Edwards, Bobby Giffin, Jeff Smith, Kevin Wilson, Ellery Leake, Robby Moses, Hunter Best.


American Race Tires B-Main No. 2 Finish (6 laps, top 6 transfer): Tommy Kerr, Aaron Ridley, Mark Vineyard, Dusty Carver, Mark Douglas, Doug Sanders, Brian Ledbetter, Jaylon Shannon, Benji Shaw, Stacy Boles, Brad Hall.


V.P. Race Fuels Super Late Model Qualifying:

1. 116-Randy Weaver/Crossville, Tenn. 15.881

2. 1g-Jason Welshan/Maryville, Tenn. 16.481

3. 1-Vic Hill/Mosheim, Tenn. 16.516

4. 2-Dennis Franklin/Gaffney, S.C. 16.531

5. 22-Chris Ferguson/Mt. Holly, N.C. 16.597

6. 101-Casey Roberts/Toccoa, Ga. 16.622

7. 10-Kennie Compton Jr./Bland, Va. 16.641

8. 201-Billy Ogle Jr./Knoxville, Tenn. 16.656

9. 10-Chad Ogle/Sevierville, Tenn. 16.708

10. 23-Cory Hedgecock/Loudon, Tenn. 16.762

11. 31-Skip Arp/Georgetown, Tenn. 16.820

12. 4t-Tommy Kerr/Maryville, Tenn. 16.828

13. 1-Anthony Burroughs/Minden, La. 16.938

14. 81-Aaron Ridley/Chatsworth, Ga. 17.010

15. 8-David Payne/Murphy, N.C. 17.051

16. 9-Dusty Carver/Englewood, Tenn. 17.066

17. 32-Jonathan Edwards/Clover, S.C. 17.115

18. 4-Mark Vineyard/Powell, Tenn. 17.119

19. 2-Danny Yoder/Knoxville, Tenn. 17.123

20. 11-Stacy Boles/Clinton, Tenn. 17.140

21. 34-Ellery Leake/Knoxville, Tenn. 17.190

22. 52-Mark Douglas/Knoxville, Tenn. 17.214

23. 00-Jeff Smith/Dallas, N.C. 17.330

24. 47-Brad Hall/Knoxville, Tenn. 17.331

25. 97-Bobby Giffin/Maryville, Tenn. 17.543

26. 42-Doug Sanders/Springwood, N.C. 17.573

27. 618-Kevin Wilson/Stoneville, N.C. 17.613

28. 22-Jayon Shannon/Wartburg, Tenn. 17.710

29. 7-Robby Moses/Friendsville, Tenn. 17.790

30. 07-Brian Ledbetter/Dallas, N.C. 17.864

31. 007-Hunter Best/Maryville, Tenn. 18.354

32. 18-Benji Shaw/Tellico Plains, Tenn. 19.152


Crate Late Model Feature Finish: Jason Welshan, Brandon Williams, Adam Beeler, Greg Martin, Justin Summers, Tanner Works, Warren McMahan, Robert Edwards, Greg Huskey, Brian Courtney, Chad Beeler, Todd Brooks, Brett Wyatt, Deke Waters, Hunter Best, Anthony White, Brad Seagle.


Sportsman Feature Finish: Jordan Horton, Terry Poore, Chase King, Zach Shannon, Tony Shannon, Ryan Carey, James Kelso, Joe Crabtree, Joe Freels, Tony Lindsey, Leigh Bivens, Josh Beal, Chris Whitted, Justin Beeler, Brianna Kyle.


Mini Stock Feature Finish: Nick Perry, Kyle Courtney, Jacob Sharp, William Tallent, Frankie Huskey, Nathan Adams, Bobby Reichert, Allen Collins, Debbie Singleton, Bryant Idles, Nicholas Shelton, Michel Herron, Gavin Murphy, Marty Phillips, Ray Simpson.

LOLMDS Event Info Saturday, June 21st

Smoky Mountain Speedway
809 Brick Mill Rd.
Maryville, TN 37801
Date: Saturday, June 21st

Lucas Oil Ole Smoky Moonshine Classic

Presented by “Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine”

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series – $10,000 to win
Crate Late Models – $1,500 to win
Street Stocks – $500 to win

Pit Gates open at 12pm
Grandstands / Tier Parking open at 3pm
Drivers Meeting scheduled for 7pm
Hot Laps: 7:30
Feature Racing around 9pm

Grandstand Admission
Adults – $25
Children – ages 6-11 – $5
Children – 5 & under – FREE

Tier Parking Admission
Adults – $30
Children – ages 6-11 – $10
Children – 5 & under – FREE

Pit Passes
Adults – $40
Children – 11 & under – $15

Blankets and seat cushions are permitted in the Grandstands, Chairs are also permitted but only on the concrete bleachers; If you have high back seat please make sure to set as far up  so you don’t block the view of fans behind you. * Certain Larger chairs may not be allowed and you may be asked to move them if they do interfere with other fans.

Coolers are NOT permitted in the Grandstand area, however you can walk in with a few snacks and a drink.

Tier Parking is where vehicles can “tailgate” in their parking spot. Only one spot is allowed per vehicle. Coolers and small grills are permitted in this area. Concessions and restrooms are provided in this area as well.

Beer or any alcohol beverage will not be sold at this event.

We do have Handicap Parking and seating. Handicap seating is located as soon as you walk through the Grandstand Gates on the top few rows of the concrete bleachers.

Four Wheelers and ATV’s are only permitted with an All Access Pass of $40 Per Person. Please do not park theses anywhere you could block someone in.

Over Night Camping will be allowed for a $30 Charge for the Weekend, no hookups available, dry camping only. Camping Area is located in Tier Parking. (This is the second entrance off of Brick Mill Rd)

We do have a connection with a local Hotel on Alcoa Hwy for $89 Per night, they may be full now.. they were filling up pretty quick when I last spoke to them. The Hotel is Knoxville Airport Hilton

Pit Area for Drivers, Crew Members, and anyone seeking an All Access Pass; is located at the 3rd entrance off of Brick Mill Rd. (This is an actual Rd. Crye Rd)


Thank You for you Support and Please make plans to join us for some great racing at THE MOUNTAIN!!

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Make First-Ever Visit to Smoky Mountain June 21st



Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Make First-Ever Visit to Smoky Mountain June 21st


By Chris Tilley


MARYVILLE, TN (June 11, 2014)—On Saturday Night June 21st, the Smoky Mountain Speedway will welcome the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series for their first-ever visit paying $10,000-to-win.


Along with the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, the Crate Late Models will race for $1,500 to win along with $500 to win for the Street Stock division. This event is presented by FireAde.


There have been four Super Late Model events held already at Smoky Mountain Speedway with three different winners gracing victory lane as Dale McDowell picked up the $7,500 NDRL-sanctioned win on March 7 then Chris Madden picked up the night two victory worth $12,500 on March 8. Billy Ogle Jr. scored the $6,000 prize in the Old Man’s Garage Spring Nationals Series-sanctioned event win on April 5th while Ogle again took the payday, this time $5,000 during the SAS-Rockin’ with the Stars event on April 26th.


The stars of the LOLMDS that will be in action at Smoky Mountain include: Don O’Neal of Martinsville, Ind., Jimmy Owens of Newport, Tenn., Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, Tenn., Earl Pearson Jr. of Jacksonville, Fla., Eddie Carrier Jr. of Salt Rock, W.V., Steve Francis of Ashland, Ky., John Blankenship of Williamson, W.V., Jared Landers of Batesville, Ark., Dennis Erb Jr. of Carpentersville, Ill., Jason Hughes of Watts, Ok. and Jason Papich of Nipomo, Cal.


The Pits open at Noon on Saturday June 21st with the stands & tier parking opening at 3:00 pm and the driver’s meeting is slated for 7:00 pm. Adult general admission is $25.00 with adult tier parking being $30.00 and adult pit passes being $40.00.


Racing action for Smoky Mountain Speedway includes the hosting of other special events throughout the 2014 season including: Ray Cook’s Old Man’s Garage Spring Nationals Series, Ray Cook’s Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals Series, American Modified Series, World of Outlaws Late Model Series, United Sprint Car Series, Ultimate Super Late Model Series, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, National Dirt Racing League and the Southern All Stars Series.


For further information on the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, log on to . In addition to the Saturday June 21st event at Smoky Mountain, the LOLMDS will kick-off the Southeast swing with a visit to Cherokee Speedway in Gaffney, S.C. for the 16th Annual Grassy Smith Memorial race paying $10,000-to-win on Friday Night June 20th.


Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series/$10,000 to win Purse 1) $10000, 2) $5500, 3) $3500, 4) $2750, 5) $2250, 6) $1800, 7) $1500, 8) $1300, 9) $1200, 10) $1100, 11) $1075, 12) $1050, 13) $1025, 14) $1000, 15) $950, 16) $925, 17) $900, 18) $875, 19) $850, 20) $825, 21) $800, 22) $800, 23) $800, 24) $800.


The Tire Rule for the June 21st LOLMDS race is as follows: Left Rear/Fronts: Hoosier Rib 1300, 1350; Right Rear: Hoosier 01, 03, 05, LM30S.


The Smoky Mountain Speedway is located at 809 Brickmill Road in Maryville, TN 37801. The track phone number is (865) 856-8989. You can obtain further information on Smoky Mountain Speedway by logging on to . Be a follower of Smoky Mountain Speedway on Twitter by following @SMOKYMTNSPEED.


Upcoming Smoky Mountain Speedway Events:

Saturday June 21-Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series/$10,000 to win

Friday July 11-Ultimate Super Late Model Series/Firecracker 500/$5,000 to win

Friday August 1-Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals Series by O.M.G./$5,300 to win


Smoky Mountain Speedway would like to thank the following track partners including: Arizona Sport Shirts, Blount Excavating , Bobcat of Knoxville, CDE Electrical Contracting , East Tennessee Auto Outlet, FireAde, Food City, Hoosier Dirt Tire South, Hooters, Insane Cane Media,, Jet’s Pizza, MRM Racing Photos, Napa Auto Parts, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, Outdoor Life R.V., Stanley Best Heating & Air,, Tennessee R.V. Sales & Service,, Wells Racing Photography, WIMZ Classic Rock 103.5 FM.

Hall of Fame revived this season; Nominations being accepted

After a couple of years of inactivity for the Hall of Fame, the Atomic/Smoky Mountain Speedway is being revived in 2014. Nominations will be accepted at this time for the 2014 class. A top-notch committee has been assembled to sort through the nominations and suggest their own nominations before the committee votes on who to induct. The committee will vote some time next month. Once we see when the meeting can be held, we’ll post a cut off date for nominations. The plan is to have the induction ceremony during the intermission for the Southern All-Stars race on September 20.

The guidelines for nominations are as follows:
1.   Drivers who had significant success at Smoky Mountain Speedway and/or Atomic Speedway. Success at other tracks is a plus. If nominating a driver, please include class, number of wins, number of track championships, and other valuable information if possible.
2.   Car owners, crew members, or contributors that were part of successful teams or aided in the success and promotion of Smoky Mtn. Speedway and/or Atomic Speedway.
3.   Drivers that raced in the asphalt area that were successful at SMS that have not previously been recognized because they did not compete on the dirt at SMS or Atomic.
4.   Any former track owner or track worker that was a vital part of either track’s success during their tenure.
5.   It is preferred that drivers, contributors, car owners, etc. are no longer active in racing or are at the end of their career.
6.   Any other person not fitting into previously mentioned categories that played an important part with SMS and/or Atomic.

To nominate an individual, send your nomination to Michael Moats at

With the combining of the former Atomic Speedway Hall of Fame and the Smoky Mtn. Speedway Hall of Fame, we are also taking suggestions for a name for the hall of fame. One suggestion has been to call it the East Tennessee Racing Hall of Fame. The one problem with that is the inclusion of other area tracks in the area, several of which already have their own hall of fame. We’d like to keep this just for Atomic and SMS. If anyone has a good name for it, we’d like to hear it.

Smoky Mountain Speedway Rained Out May 31, Ultimate Returns Friday July 11th



Smoky Mountain Speedway Rained Out May 31, Ultimate Returns Friday July 11th


By Chris Tilley


MARYVILLE, TN (May 31, 2014)—After the first session of Limited Late Models were taking to the track for their practice, the first of two bands of rain showers rolled into the area forcing Smoky Mountain Speedway track officials to cancel the Ultimate Super Late Model Series-sanctioned Tearin’ the Tops Off event for May 31st. A second rain shower passed over the track just as officials had cancelled the night’s event. With a posted track curfew, officials didn’t feel there was enough time to properly dry the track and have racing completed in a timely manner before the curfew.


The Ultimate tour will return to Smoky Mountain on Friday Night July 11 paying $5,000-to-win. Tickets and arm bands from the May 31 rainout can be used for this event or any other remaining season event in 2014. The ticket holder must pay the balance if the value is less than the current event’s ticket price.


Twenty-three Ultimate Super Late Models had entered the night’s action including: Kenny Collins, Cody King, Bobby Mays, David Payne, Hunter Best, Jeff Smith, Robby Moses, Dennis Franklin, Tommy Kerr, Stacy Boles, Jason Welshan, Danny Yoder, Brian Ledbetter, Doug Sanders, Casey Roberts, Doug Smith, Skylar Marlar, Ellery Leake, Chris Madden, Billy Ogle Jr., Skip Arp, Riley Hickman and Trevor Sise.


Thirteen Limited Late Models checked in for the night including: Tony Martin, Jason Trammell, Trevor Sise, Drew Kennedy, Bobby Giffin, Butch Bayless, Billy Ogle Jr., Cory Hedgecock, Jason Welshan, Hunter Best, Brett Wyatt, Dakota Knuckles and Charlie Parker.


Eight Classic Cars had signed in for the night’s action including: Cameron Skinner, Richie Overholser, Scott Lacy, Matt Tharp, Bart Baxter, Eli Keck, Joe Keck and Joel Wolfenbarger.


The Smoky Mountain Speedway returns to action on Saturday Night June 21st as the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series makes their first-ever appearance paying $10,000-to-win presented by FireAde. The Crate Late Models and Street Stocks will also be in action that night. Ticket information can be obtained by viewing the track’s official website located at or more information on the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series can be obtained by clicking on .


The Smoky Mountain Speedway is located at 809 Brickmill Road in Maryville, TN 37801. The track phone number is(865) 856-8989. You can obtain further information on Smoky Mountain Speedway by logging on . Be a follower of Smoky Mountain Speedway on Twitter by following @SMOKYMTNSPEED.


Upcoming Smoky Mountain Speedway Events:

Saturday June 21-Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series/$10,000 to win

Friday July 11-Ultimate Super Late Model Series/Firecracker 5000/$5,000 to win


Smoky Mountain Speedway would like to thank the following track partners including: Arizona Sport Shirts, Blount Excavating , Bobcat of Knoxville, CDE Electrical Contracting , East Tennessee Auto Outlet, FireAde, Food City, Hoosier Dirt Tire South, Hooters, Insane Cane Media,, Jet’s Pizza, MRM Racing Photos, Napa Auto Parts, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, Outdoor Life R.V., Stanley Best Heating & Air,, Tennessee R.V. Sales & Service,, Wells Racing Photography, WIMZ Classic Rock 103.5 FM.

World of Outlaws Late Model Series Event at Smoky Mountain Speedway Rained Out

Contact: Chris Dolack

World of Outlaws/DIRTcar Public Relations | 704-795-7223


World of Outlaws Late Model Series Event at Smoky Mountain Speedway Rained Out

No Immediate Make-up date as series rolls on to Duck River for Sunday’s event.


By Chris Tilley


MARYVILLE, TN-May 17, 2014 – With lots of rain that’s fallen in East Tennessee over the last few days combined with cooler temperatures, current rainfall and more forecasted rain today, a decision has been made by track management to cancel the Second Annual “Mountain Outlaw 50″ event for Saturday Night May 17th at Smoky Mountain Speedway for the World of Outlaws Late Model Series.


No immediate decision has been made on a suitable rain date.


“It’s unfortunate for the fans who wanted to see the Outlaws tonight. We’ve really had a great outpouring of support for this event and it’s a shame that the weather didn’t cooperate with this weekend’s race,” stated Series Director Tim Christman. “We want to thank the entire crew at Smoky Mountain for their hard work that’s went into putting this event together and we look forward to working with them in the future,” Christman went on to say.


The series will now turn its attention to the remaining event on the weekend schedule as the WoO LMS tour will roll into the Duck River Raceway Park in Wheel, Tenn. for the 50-lap $10,000-to-win event.


A reminder to fans for Sunday at Duck River Raceway Park the gates will open at Noon central time with hot laps slated for 4:30 pm.


A full show of Practice, Ohlins Shocks Qualifying, Heat Races, Last Chance Showdowns and the 50-lap main will be on Sunday for the World of Outlaws Late Model Series competitors.


For the Duck River event, competing teams will be restricted to using Hoosier 1300, 1350, 1450, 1600 and 55-compound tires or American Racer 44, 48, 53 and 56-compound rubber. All of the tires will be required to punch a minimum ’40’ reading when checked with a durometer.


For more information on the WoO LMS, visit .


Fans can also follow the WoO LMS on Twitter at Facebook .


World of Outlaws Late Model Series 2014 Event Winners:

1. Brady Smith-Bubba Raceway ParkFebruary 14th

2. Brandon Sheppard-Bubba Raceway Park February 15th

3. Darrell Lanigan-Bubba Raceway ParkFebruary 16th

4. Casey Roberts-Volusia Speedway Park February 20th

5. Kyle Bronson-Volusia Speedway ParkFebruary 22nd

6. Billy Moyer Sr.-I30 Speedway March 29th

7. Mike Marlar-Tazewell Speedway April 12th

8. Shannon Babb-Farmer City Raceway April 26th

9. Darrell Lanigan-Fayetteville Motor Speedway May 2nd

10. Darrell Lanigan-Lavonia Speedway May 3rd

11. Tim McCreadie-201 Speedway May 16th 


Upcoming World of Outlaws Late Model Series Events:

Sun. May 18-Duck River Raceway Park-Wheel, TN-$10,000 to win

Sat/Sun May 24/25-Tyler County Speedway-Middlebourne, WV-$20,000 to win

Thur. May 29-Delaware International Speedway-Delmar, DE-$10,000 to win


The World of Outlaws Late Model Series is brought to fans across the country by many important sponsors and partners, including: American Racing Custom Wheel (Official Custom Wheel), Arizona Sport Shirts (Official Apparel Company), Armor All (Official Car Care Products), Hoosier Racing Tires (Official Racing Tires), Lincoln Welders (Official Welder), STP (Official Fuel Treatment), VP Racing Fuel (Official Racing Fuel), (Hard Charger Award) and McCarthy’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning (Raye Vest Memorial Pill Draw Award); in addition to contingency sponsors: Butlerbuilt, Cometic Gasket, Comp Cams, Edelbrock, JE Pistons, JRI Shocks, MSD, Ohlins Shocks, Penske Shocks, QuarterMaster, Roush Yates Performance Parts, Superflow Dynos and Wrisco Aluminum; along with manufacturer sponsors Capital Race Cars, Integra Shocks, Jake’s Carts, Racing Electronics, Rocket Chassis and TNT Rescue.



If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.