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Between MRM and Facebook Tuesday is in the lead now. If you still wish for Thursday you have some catching up to do. At this point if we go for a Tuesday when can we make this work.. This Tuesday or next? What time is everyone thinking?

Please give your opinion on Facebook or MRM.. [...]

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With persistant rain adding to the already saturated SMS racing surface and pit area we have been forced to postpone the possibility of a Sunday practice.With the weather being a little challenging and our window of opportunity slipping away as several local tracks are starting their weekly program, the management at SMS would like to [...]

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Test & Tune Canceled

On March 24, 2012 By

Once again the weather has beat out Smoky Mountains scheduled test and tune. Even With the amount of rain received this week we were still able to prepare the track for today’s practice until heavy storms hit late last night / early this morning and now we still have a continued threat the entire day. [...]

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Test & Tune this Saturday

On March 20, 2012 By

Don’t Forget, this Saturday March 24th will be our first and last test & tune before our 2012 Season Opener April 14th! Gates open at 11 and practice will go until 5ish. The cost for a Pit Pass is $10 per person and $20 per car. Tier Parking will be open at no charge! Come [...]

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March 24th Practice

On March 13, 2012 By

Smoky Mountain Speedway will be having a practice Saturday, March 24th! Gates open at 11 practice will go until 5ish! Hope to see everyone there for practice because the very next weekend is 411′s season opener with SMS’s just being weeks away!! (April 14th)

Lets hope and pray the weather is as beautiful as it [...]

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With all attempts made the owners and staff of SMS made a final decision this morning that today’s practice would not be an option. The track was prepped and ready before Fridays storms left the track and pit area standing in water. We looked forward to sharing this day with our drivers and fans as [...]

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So far practice is still a go.. We will make an announcement first thing in the morning depending on weather and track conditions. Gates open at 11. Pits will be $10 per person and $20 per car. Tier parking will be open at no charge. This is an informal practice, no concessions will be available [...]

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Ok guys, now with 411′s first practice of the 2012 season coming to an end up next Saturday is SMS’s first and only practice before our April 14th season opener. Who’s plans to be there??!!

Gates open at 11 and practice will end around 5 in the afternoon!

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Smoky Mountain Practice

On February 12, 2012 By

Smoky Mountain Speedway will host an open practice Saturday, March 3rd. This is the weekend in between the two 411 Motorspeedway practices and will be the first and only SMS practice before the April 14th season opener. More details to follow soon.

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USCS Sprint Car Series

On February 7, 2012 By

Smoky Mountain Speedway is pleased to announce that the USCS Sprints and USCS Midget Sprints will visit our track Friday, May 4th AND we are teaming up with 411 Motorspeedway to make this a two-day event!

Friday, May 4th- Smoky Mountain Speedway
Saturday, May 5th- 411 Motorspeedway

Special thanks to Pete Walter [...]

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