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Courtney and Clark Claim Wins Before Rain Hits

(June 1, 2024) The next round of the Saturday Night Shootout was to take place with racing in six divisions. The weather had other plans. Michael Courtney won the modified mini feature. Courtney battled Derik Duggan at the start of the race to take the lead. Nathan Davis would take second from Duggan and Hayston Collett charged from the 14th starting spot to finish third.

David Clark dominated the street stock feature in the Michael Lewis owned #51. Bradley Lee came from 4th to finish second and Greg Huskey came from 5th to finish third.

With off and on mist, followed by a more persistent rain, the decision was made to postpone the remainder of the event with 4 divisions remaining and the curfew getting closer. A decision will be made soon on when the remaining features will be completed. Everyone is asked to hold on to their ticket stubs and armbands.

Modified Mini Feature: 1. C11-Michael Courtney[1]; 2. D1-Nathan Davis[3]; 3. 21-Hayston Collett[14]; 4. 5-Scott Russell[4]; 5. 27-Derik Duggan[2]; 6. S1-John Smartt[8]; 7. 26-Jason Todd[5]; 8. 10-Jason James[13]; 9. 28-Jeremy Griffith[11]; 10. 14-Landon Fitzgerald[17]; 11. 19-Lane Back[12]; 12. 70-Greg Everhart[21]; 13. 25G-Gracie Duggan[7]; 14. 44-Cordell Collins[9]; 15. 2B-Shane Bullock[6]; 16. 30-Lance Frost[15]; 17. D3-Jeremy Davis[10]; 18. 40-Tommy Cameron[20]; 19. 99-Chuck McMahan[16]; 20. 17-Timothy Hartsell[18]; 21. (DNS) 18-Bradley Frost

Street Stock Feature: 1. 51C-David Clark[1]; 2. 31-Brady Lee[4]; 3. 23-Greg Huskey[5]; 4. 5-Duke Lowe; 5. T11-Tim Kilby[2]; 6. 11-Ryan Watson[3]; 7. 20-Scottie Adkins[7]; 8. F8-Brandon Francis; 9. 51-Allen Burchfield; 10. J3-Jeff McLemore[6]; 11. 88-Sam Burgess; 12. 1-Cody Satterfield; 13. A13-Austin Byrd; 14. 7-Colton Kelly[8]; 15. 8-Nick Baker




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