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Russell Erwin Dominates for Steel Block Bandits Win

(April 13, 2024) Russell Erwin dominated the Rockin’ With The Stars Vision Wheel Steel Block Bandits race on Saturday night. Erwin took the initial lead from pole sitter Blake Craft. Craft gave chase to Erwin before Erwin pulled away for a sizeable lead. Rusty Ballenger would take second from Craft past the halfway point of the race. As the leader got into slower traffic, Ballenger tracked down Erwin. Ballenger cut the lead to car lengths as Erwin got caught behind two cars racing for position at the end of the lead lap. Ballenger could not take advantage as Erwin stretched the lead back out to five car lengths at the finish line. Craft held off Tyler Bare for third and Tyler Arrington finished fifth. (MRM Racing Photo)

The sportsman late model feature got off to a rowdy start. It took three attempts to get the feature under way. One of the attempted starts saw pole sitter Dustin Ward and Jake Whitehead made contact on turn 2. Others were involved with Ward receiving significant body damage. Both Ward and Whitehead were able to continue. Once under way, Ward shot out to the lead over Whitehead. On a lap 5 restart, Whitehead made a bid for the lead only to see Ward hold onto the lead on the back straightaway. Whitehead took advantage of a lap 15 restart to finally pull alongside Ward for the lead. Whitehead took the lead as the field raced into turn 3. Whitehead went on for the win. Michael Courtney finished second, Tyler Price rallied for 8th starting spot to finish third. Ward fell to fourth and Chandler Hickman finished fifth.

Eric Hughes took the street stock win over pole sitter Jesse Lowe. Hughes went basically unchallenged throughout most of the 20-lap feature. Robbie Comer finished third with Austin Atkins taking fourth and Sam Burgess coming in fifth.

Dustin Duncan put a whipping on the front wheel drive division by winning decisively over second place Travis Weeks. Duncan lapped up to third place in the 20-lap feature that went caution free. Dylan Jones came in third, Kavin Greene finished fourth, and Shai Ritenour held on for fifth.

The next race at Smoky Mountain Speedway will be the King of the Mountain race when the Hunt The Front Super Late Modle Series makes their first visit on Saturday, April 27. The $15,000 to win race is expected to draw some big names in the sport. Also racing will be sportsman late models for $800 to win, street stocks for $700 to win, and front wheel drive for $500 to win.

Vision Wheel Steel Block Bandits: 1. 22-Russell Erwin[2]; 2. 29-Rusty Ballenger[3]; 3. 16C-Blake Craft[1]; 4. B8-Tyler Bare[7]; 5. 002-Tyler Arrington[4]; 6. 9E-Robbie Emory[8]; 7. 71-Pierce McCarter[19]; 8. 84-Ryan Tims[5]; 9. 1-Ellery Leake[12]; 10. 3N-Austin Neely[9]; 11. 24-Anthony White Jr[20]; 12. 72-Derrick Rankin[10]; 13. 49-James Kelso[13]; 14. 31-Wes Tilley[14]; 15. 30-Ryan King[18]; 16. 7-Dan Breuer[6]; 17. 57-Landen Zakalowski[17]; 18. 16-Chad Alley[15]; 19. 90J-Jason Trammel[11]; 20. 2-Terry Poore[16]

Sportsman Late Models: 1. 116-Jake Whitehead[2]; 2. 19C-Michael Courtney[6]; 3. 7T-Tyler Price[8]; 4. 22-Dustin Ward[1]; 5. 6C-Chandler Hickman[3]; 6. 50-Adam Mitchell[4]; 7. 15-Colby Horner[5]; 8. 31-Brady Lee[9]; 9. 20-Daniel Boles[7]; 10. 113-Chris McKinney[11]; 11. 32-Cody Gloyne[16]; 12. C4-Cameron Hawkins[12]; 13. 33-Warren McMahan[10]; 14. 117-Johnathan Williams[19]; 15. 92-Corey Cate[17]; 16. 3-David Beeler[15]; 17. 56-Joey Standridge[21]; 18. 00-Kelvin White[23]; 19. 99B-Robert Buchanan[20]; 20. 6-Sonny Huskey[13]; 21. 73-Ray Jarnigan[14]; 22. 19-Sam Oakley[18]; 23. (DNS) 4-Jacob Kelso; 24. (DNS) 16-Dawson Lowe

Street Stocks: 1. 10-Eric Hughes[2]; 2. 20-Jesse Lowe[1]; 3. 42-Robbie Comer[4]; 4. 14-Austin Atkins[3]; 5. 88-Sam Burgess[6]; 6. 1-Cody Satterfield[8]; 7. 88C-Vic Chandler[5]; 8. 7-Chris Kelly[11]; 9. 11-Ryan Watson[9]; 10. 8-Brandon Francis[14]; 11. 01-Josh Rollins[12]; 12. 51-Allen Burchfield[13]; 13. 21XP-Bobbie Petty[7]; 14. (DNS) 4-Mark Brady

Front Wheel Drive: 1. 21-Dustin Duncan[1]; 2. 85-Travis Weeks[2]; 3. J19-Dylan Jones[4]; 4. 14-Kaven Greene[5]; 5. 57C-Shal Ritenour[6]; 6. 96-Chayse McDaniel[9]; 7. 24-Ricky Ritenour[7]; 8. 26-Michael Lambert[3]; 9. 88-Larry Rudd[8]




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